All right my question is how do you go about learning how to delegate I’ve gotten to the point now of my business that I’m meeting the health and high end s is doing everything myself and I end up it’s paying people basically just to watch me do the work that I want them to do what do you do I’m a driller today and what do you want them to do like run open houses or cold-call or what are they supposed to be doing that you’re doing I mean really a little bit of everything not really main thing that I do is advertising and branding for myself so for them it’s more of just taking care of Li locking down leads you know getting things scheduled on the calendar so you’re the top of the funnel and you want them to see it through underneath you yes sir got it and who have you been hiring I mean honestly I think it’s might be – you have been going for people that I doesn’t know which I’m not again you know listen I’ll be honest with you got its cup Kyle it’s honestly I’m a big fan of that believe it or not especially in the early days that’s your mo that’s my mo Jerry’s crew and it’s like all his buddies yeah give the same opportunity you know that’s been given to me come on my boy here’s the one thing though I didn’t hire a single one of my college friends like go higher friends person but you but you would like Michael white like you were you know your involvement who but it’s I think at this stage of my life I certainly can when I was in my college early to mid-20s and I was building something yeah it was hard for me as a leader to demand a level of excellence that I wanted without it kind of hurting the relations on and so I just stayed over now I would probably not have as big of an issue but let me tell you what the biggest thing you need to figure out is you know

whether it’s your friends or people like you you have to hire people that are obsessed with logistics and are type-a personalities you have to hire people that love the shit that you and I hate like the biggest joke like you need to find somebody who just loves Excel and loves being in their calendar and freaks out when you’re a minute late and like you need cross your T’s and dot your i’s I’m sitting with Adam and asking him about details of mission you right now with you because I don’t do that you need to hire people that do do that because you’re just hiring homies or people that look the part of you but that’s not what you need if you’re the quarterback you need to hire offensive linemen they look different okay yeah I mean the other thing I would say is you know the start of my career is probably very much the way that you were I was the person who needed to do everything myself because I believe that can do it better than anybody else on my team then I spent three years at Bain which is arguably the top kind of culture in in the world for a corporate company and what I saw there was that they spent an insane amount of time training people below them to do the job that they’re doing today so they can focus on the next higher level issue and so my biggest piece of advice to you is you should look at how you’re spending your time and it might feel really strange and really awkward but you should actually delegate let’s say in the next two weeks Oh percent oh

maybe all the time oh it’s two weeks sure teaching the people that you are delegating to to do all of your exact responsibilities literally to the point where they can do it as well if not better than you can and then it will free up your time because at the end of a delegation is a matter of trust and right now you’re not trusting these people and that’s because you have an investing in them or because they’re looser just about how do you go about showing someone the vision you know for me it’s easy to see because it’s my vision well it’s about you don’t you get rid of people that don’t buy into your vision if these are your boys and they don’t see your vision that should be real fast okay like they’re either bought its binary brother either they’re bought in that you’re gonna be the biggest fucking real estate mogul in fucking Texas America the world the universe or they don’t and if they’re just there to collect the paycheck and it’s kind of easy because you don’t make them work hard you’ve got a problem you need to cut that cancer out okay I mean I mean that’s it man right like what are you like what do you mean like I don’t try to convince anybody about my vision I’ll give you my fucking vision one time and if you’re not bought in fuck you no no yeah yeah yeah I mean I appreciate that I really do yeah I mean let me tell you another thing let me tell you know there’s book but it’s not how you that’s how you look at it but that’s not how you’re acting on it okay you notice if you’ve been watching my content you notice how I say and never try to sell anybody like I’ll try to sell you one time but if you’re not in you’re out like it’s fine by the way I have hundreds of employees at vaynermedia that are not fully bought in you need them it’s fine but I don’t dwell on it I’m not emotional about it like it doesn’t mean anything to me I’m on my mission and so you need to just if if they’re literally your homies or acquaintances they the reason I build companies with friends and family is because they are automatically bought in usually if they’re not man they’re just taking

advantage of you slash you need to check your ego at the door you’re right it’s about trust I love the fact that I know every single person here either is doing a job that I can’t do but if they’re doing my job right like so the PR team the new business team andis job those are shitty jobs because those are things that I could do but I know if they’re doing it as an my 10 or a to my 10 I can’t do everything and I’ll tell you the greatest feeling in the world is when you have a team around you that takes all of those responsibilities off your plate and allows you to focus on the thing that you can do exceptionally well that they can’t but right now you’re trying to do too much and you’re not surrounded by the right people I want it I mean that’s what I’ve been thinking or or or let’s do some basic math let’s say there’s four things you do and you think you do them better than anybody and let’s award you 10 full points right you’re getting 40 points problem is there’s 87 things that need to be done do this math if everybody else is doing a 2 or 3 but you’re getting all 87 things done the net score is greater people are crippled by perfection or doing everything right I think the thing that I’ve always done really well is you just keep moving forward you just keep moving forward nothing’s ever gonna be perfect so it’s one of two things either your homie suck shit or you suck shit and you like the ego boost that you’re better at it then your average below average friends which means you’ll never be that big you’ve got to figure out which one it is and it’s probably a little bit of both you know what I mean it always is a little bit about great for sure that’s it man I would definitely agree so this increased my action and bring more people involved and just let it happen and figure out are you holding it back because it makes you feel good that you’re a better salesperson the amount of people I watch that build one in two million dollar businesses because they get off on being the best at all these little things it happens every day and I’m always like okay that player is gonna be an average player because they don’t realize notice how I always talk about sucking shit and everything and I suck at this and there’s a like you have to take pride in your shortcomings

because then you start acknowledging them and then you know everybody’s fronting that they’re so awesome and everything I suck in almost everything yet I’m winning because I surround myself with people that know what they’re doing in that world I can’t edit videos like these characters well I think that’s a problem I have is that I see what I say I personally feel like I see the potential and the people that I bring on and I just can’t get them to actually see it or at least tap into it on themselves yeah but if you see it and they’re not bringing it to fruition in a very short period of time then those aren’t the right people that are business yeah you might also suck at motivating people bro okay like like that’s a real part they quit like me like we have to we have to understand these variables this is for everybody right GOG have no idea like you could literally be that they’re they’re milking you and they don’t want to do anything and you’re the homie that’s kind of dragging everybody up that could be the case but I would also say maybe your management style leadership style is making them go in reverse because maybe when you’re when you should be using honey you’re using vinegar and when you should be using vinegar you’re using honey it could be an indication on you okay and I don’t know right know that I know that like I want to work with people I don’t want people to work for me okay and and that’s that’s a big thing for me personally and I think that at the same time to a fault with that because I don’t want to be someone’s boss I want to you know I just want to be does that make sense hell yeah does it work well hell it big time yeah I mean without knowing it dude

everybody wants a boss if they go work somewhere yeah if you go work somewhere you’re looking for a leader yeah say you need to step into that role and not trying to be every person’s friend and in fact there’s also a big difference between a boss and a leader people are looking for a leader that’s what they need you to be not the boss they want to be how old are you guys really do do good man you’re a baby you’re like like you’re a real fucking baby right so like you got plenty of time to mold into this the fact that you’re aware about this the fact that you’re watching this the fact that we’re talking about this and you got time man I wouldn’t I wouldn’t cripple yourself you were literally a child like like you’re 22 years old you got a lot of time listen at 22 I was not able to give critical feedback right to my employees I wasn’t good at it you’re hearing that you’re 22 change the equation me I mean I was 24 when I started pencils of promise it was my friends that were around me of helping me throw these parties raise money and I could never order them around and you know I just didn’t have the call it self confidence as a you know leader of the organization I was always grateful all those things but at the end of the day it becomes very clear where the talent rises and the Queen really does rise to the top once you set a clear vision and then you start holding people

accountable to real results oh and you might not wish your luck I mean Adam had snobby friends like Brad H you know who could never take feedback so like we got you got to be careful I think you surround yourself with Brad I love you Kyle good luck be patient here’s what I would say let me give you one real tangible thing go have your first ever negative conversation with one of your employees just go taste it just go in there go sit down Rick and be like Rick listen to me we’ve been friends since Little League in fourth grade I love you you’re the best you saved me from drowning in the river in ninth grade but here’s the problem you suck so either you get your shit together I have to fire you fireman hey I really appreciate you taking the call and Kyle don’t don’t jump off real quick you’ve got a promise to me that you’re gonna go have that conversation no I literally am I gotta meet with a couple of my guys tonight so we’re gonna have to talk like really bleep now when you set a couple new guys if you’re gonna have that conversation make sure you have a one-on-one don’t start lumping people in okay yeah because when you start lumping somebody’s few feelings get hurt it can get confusing let me tell you what losing players do if they’re both sitting there I’d be like it’s Adam who screwed up he’s just bringing me here to make it more palpable like you’ve got it you’ve got to do that one-on-one okay and you listen learn you really have to go there and and start the conversation by framing it up as I want to talk to you to get feedback and write that in there that’s gonna set the tone this isn’t like a friendly normal conversation this is about getting that feedback having that tough conversation that you need and just say listen I love you but yeah make this a buck conversation be like listen we’re homies for life but you know you’re lazy as fuck asshole no yeah

honestly everything you’re telling me I feel like I already know I just haven’t had this I know I know you know you don’t have the balls to do it yet because most people don’t and the reason I’m not letting you get off the phone is usually people need this kind of pep talk and I’m worried that I haven’t put enough energy into you and the in the next four hours it’s gonna go away and then you’re gonna shit the bed so the reason I’m keeping you on the phone is I’m trying to give you the audacity to actually get this done because the first time you do it member I was scared you were to kiss a girl oh yeah remember how after you did it you weren’t scared anymore yeah mediately you need to go have this negative you need to have go you need to go have this negative conversation it will change the course of your career I appreciate I mean I’m actually opening up to Austin market in about a week so I gotta I got to do this now and that’s why I gave you I asked for the question and I’ve literally been sitting in Walmart just hoping that you guys would call me so Andy Cage saved your day and Walmart I love it love you bro got it

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